Growing Practices

Our Sustainable Growing Practices

At Engel Farm, we are working towards being organic

  • Over the last 5 years, John has been transitioning from conventional to organic.
  • We are currently using organic and natural products. We do not use organophosphates or hard chemicals.
  • The organic products are used weekly while the natural products are only used as needed.
  • On certain crops at certain times of the year, such as most of the crops in the spring and winter, we do not use anything.  At these times of the year, the bugs are quiet and in low numbers so that we can grow chemical free altogether.
  • We hope that after our current ongoing organic growing trials, we will be able to go to 100% organic and even get certified sometime in the next few years.
We utilize many different sustainable methods and practices such as cover cropping, mulching, drip irrigation, crop rotation, companion planting, composting, beneficial insect encouragement and support, plant diversity, NO GMO seed ever, and hand weeding. All of this combined with our work towards using only organic growing products, creates more beneficial insects, increased soil fertility, healthy plants, longer shelf life and a stronger farm eco-system.