About Us

Meet John Engel and Cypress Sigman

Engel Farm is a third generation farm. John’s dad planted and grows peach orchards in Stonewall and John’s grandparents farmed tomatoes, squash and other veggies in Luckenbach, Texas, bringing the old German ways and traditions with them.  They were true pioneers.  John’s grandpa Armin Engel Sr. had the Luckenbach store and post office which he later sold to become the famous Luckenbach Texas Music Venue that Hondo Crouch, Willie Nelson and others made famous.
John has grown it all, berries, peaches, and all types of vegetables.  His grandpa grew organically, as it was before the chemical revolution.  His grandpa grew without chemicals, organically, as that was the norm back in that day.  Chemicals in farming were not yet used widely. John’s dad grew that way until chemicals were introduced that greatly improved the quality and yields of the peaches.
John started out conventional, but after being exposed to the organic movement and information from growers at the Austin Farmers Markets, he began his transition to organic. It has been a steady and successful process so far.
Currently John farms along with help from his girlfriend Cypress, who has a background in organic farming, permaculture and other aspects of sustainable living.